Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Families, sites and such

On 26 Sept 2010, I did the third post of this blog: Families, related families, sites and questions.
  • 'Families' were other Gardners; this was taken over by a well-read post: Gardners and Gardners. This was written two days later. 
  • 'related families' had to do with websites of families who have Gardner in their index.  This was partly handled by the post, Electronic footprint, from 4 Feb 2014. Several sites have considerable information about Thomas, on-line. 
  • 'sites' point to information by other families. Pointing to this resource is part of our What we know? series which started on 27 Nov 2012. 
  • 'questions' were many from the beginning, however we did establish a FAQ on 04 March 2015. Well, at least, we waited almost five years before assuming to know enough to start answering questions, as well as asking them. 
The following is a list of sites that have Gardner. We are restarting the list since technology changes and websites reconfigure. Updates here will be reflected in the original material.

Leveraging off the work of others has benefits for the several parties involved.

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