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Families, related families, sites and questions

We are going to collect a whole bunch of pointers here. These will be organized, at some point, with commentary, as necessary.

Parts of the family. In his book, Dr Frank mentioned the problem of collecting materials from parts of the family who resided outside of New England. With the web, we ought to be able to point to, or collect, material from anywhere. At some point, a repository will be necessary, it is assumed (Essex Institute, NEHGS, other).
Related families. For now, pointers.
  • Hall Boyce -- a large descendent's chart
  • Balch -- see Sarah (See Remarks, 05/05/2011)
  • Stone -- descendent's chart showing offspring of Richard, Sarah
  • Behling -- descendent's chart showing offspring of Richard, John
  • Kenzie -- descendent's chart showing offspring of Richard, John
  • Kimball -- My college roommate was a Kimball. My wife's tree has Kimball appearing several times.
  • ...
General material.
  • Evidently, Thomas built a house at Cape Ann (there is a book about this written, that I saw at the Essex Institute, by a John Gardner descendant). Did Endecott move this house to Salem? Did it then move to Boston?
  • Salem Roll Call -- we'll sign up, using the Thomas Gardner Society
  • John White's The Planters' Plea -- when I looked at this, I thought, did he sell his nephew down the river?
  • Balch's land grant. Sarah's family. (See Remarks, 05/05/2011)
  • Higginson never mentioned Thomas, though he spent several years in the Salem area. His progeny married into the Gardner family, whence some of the Cabots are on the Thomas list. Too, Higginson Books published Frank's book.
  • ...
It's imperative to have a listing of blogs that might be of interest or that might set a good example of how to organize the material.

03/01/2019 -- We're building an index by images on our Portal to truth.

04/07/2015 -- We have more questions than answers (research raises both).

09/28/2014 -- A week ago, the record for the marriage of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar was discovered in Sherborne by John Cook of Minneapolis, Dorset files. This sets a type of focus. Looks as if some transcription work might be in order.

10/24/2012 -- John Goff (Salem's Witch House ..., pg 24) writes: After his arrival downtown in 1628, Endicott ruled that the old Thomas Gardner "Governor's House" from Cape Ann (built about 1623) be dismantled, moved by sea from Cape Ann to Naumkeag and be re-erected in earliest Salem to serve as a new Governor's House here. It stood north of the old shawmut on what is now Washington Street.

08/15/2011 -- Added image for the house (Margaret's house) that Thomas built. Expect to see more about this. The material, of course, was brought over. It was supposedly finished in 1624, taken over by Conant when he got there, and moved by Endecott to Salem. Collecting stories about this.

06/20/2011 -- On methods other than bounded paper.

05/05/2011 -- On Ebenezer plus Balch and Coffin.

12/24/2010 -- Albert and Patricia Ann Meyers' page on Thomas (note, can change, but recoverable by going to the index). [05/05/2011 -- did change?? In general, any trees from rootsweb can change due to re-indexing when there is an update. Our own database would overcome that.]

12/24/2010 -- Need to answer the question about Ebenezer (Maine, Samuel/Abel/Thomas). Plus, here is an interesting page.

12/23/2010 -- Would be derelict if I didn't mention, and use, this site by Roderic A. Davis, 2nd.

11/10/2010 -- Ole Larson is back. His genealogy site.

10/31/2010 -- Ole Larson's blog has disappeared (did he die in August, 2010?)

10/29/2010 -- We can use the first couple of generations as the basis to establish the inter-family relationships.

10/13/2010 -- We need to start a bibliography, with categories.

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