Sunday, September 26, 2010

The kids

Let's start to look at the full Gardner tree using the children, in order of birth as given to us by Dr Frank. For each child, we can have pointers to existing work that is readily available on the web. This post's information definitely will expand in time, so expect the post to update on a regular basis (perhaps, at some point, we'll have a category for each of the siblings). From time to time, another post will start, but we'll keep them linked.

Given that not discussing the living is smarter than not (see below), then, we can use Dr Frank (for Samuel) to look at how the Gardner tree expanded through time.
  • Samuel (1627-1689) - see Dr. Frank's book (page 74) which includes Dr. Frank's father, Stephen Wilson Gardner whose mother, Lucy Foster Wilson, has several royal gateways in her tree, including Elizabeth Stratton/John Thorndike. We can use his tree as an example to discuss the unfolding of America as represented by New England. One of his grandmothers was the sister of Hathorne; there are many other ties (no accusers, though) to the madness of 1692 (for example, Mary (Ayer) Parker, Sarah Lord, Samuel Wardwell) which we'll collect.
  • Sarah (1631-1686) - descendants of John Balch, namely Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch's progeny. Note, that the old planter list includes Balch, Conant, Woodbury, Palfrey, and Trask. This list shows up in many places. Every occurrence of this list is another overlook of Thomas (sort of like negative royalty).
There is a lot more that can be collected in regard to the kids. Perhaps, a task might be to browse Dr. Frank's book and collect those here around the turn of the 20th century. That is, they would be along the same level in the overall tree as Dr. Frank and August Peabody.

Another thing to do would be to estimate the number of descendants of Thomas which would include those from the daughters in the tree. The count would have to be in the 10s of thousands. That is, at this current generational level, assuming 3-4 generations concurrent. How many can we identify? Of course, the number would be smaller for those with the name of Gardner.

Now, in total, that is, for an accumulative number from the nine kids, we would be talking high 6 figures to low 7 figures. Easily. We have our work cut out. Fortunately, Facebook, with its current status of 1/14 humans registered, shows that we can work with sets of that cardinality.

Aside: in regard to public exposure via the web, no amount of cyber material encompasses the physical. At some point, perhaps, common sense will kick back in. Though, in the Facebook age, one wonders to where common sense might have fled. Anyone know what adolescent angst will be fired up due to ones earlier years being documented in a public mode?


07/12/2015 -- Okay, turtle speed. But, we get there. Announcing a new project: Sherborne, Dorset. No doubt, it is about time. When finished with the data collection and analysis, we will present the strongest story (the prerogative of the family) that the facts, and abductive reasoning, will support. As such, we hope to demonstrate some very much needed research viewpoints.

01/03/2013 -- Updating pointers to rootsweb databases.

08/29/2011 -- A little more about Miriam.

08/11/2011 -- Descendants lists for Seeth/Joshua Conant (Conover, Conant, Carter).

03/17/2011 -- Another descendants list (Langsdorf, et al) for Sarah.

03/16/2011 -- Nathaniel Bowditch could start a list of major contributors.

10/29/2010 -- We can use the first couple of generations as the basis.

09/26/2010 -- Counting was mentioned. However, using the computer for this would be the smart thing. If people have files to submit, that would be great. I can also look at rootsweb trees. The main problem is to have a method for verifying what is there. We really want to have the strongest information available. But, too, some like Kathleen (thanks) have done us a favor.

Modified: 07/12/2015

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