Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Electronic footprint

There has been much written over the years about New England and the immigrants, such as Thomas Gardner and other Gardners . In some cases, there is active work to build an informational site. In other cases, we have books that are on-line.

What we are doing here is collecting and providing links to these sites, categorized by type. We start with the TGS sites and then will add others as we find them. Too, we have a list of earlier posts that pointed to these.
Thomas died on 29 Dec 1674 and was buried in the plot at Gardner's Hill. His body is missing; we have some work cut out to find out the real story.

Remarks:  Modified: 02/28/2019

02/05/2014 -- Added related families (need to update links).

02/28/2019 --  A few more links plus an image from WikiTree. 

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