Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Gardner's Beacon, Vol IX, No 2

This issue of Gardner's Beacon continues our review which is leading to renovations to our processes and to our sites and looks to the future. As well, we will be looking closely at the work of Dr. Frank and Frances Rose-Troup with regard to the two Thomas Gardners who came to Cape Ann and their relationship. The older one was the brother-in-law of Rev. John White the Dorchester Company founder. The latter is the husband of Margaret and father of the American line of Salem Gardners.

In looking at the commemorations of the past, we see that the first of the U.S. (50 years) coincided with 200th of Salem. Also, we know that there are still things left over from the 300th. For instance, we think that Thomas needs a monument what with 400 years elapsing since his entry into the New World at Cape Ann. Too, what of the other families that were at Cape Ann? These will be researched, too. Some families were known 100 years ago when the Pageant of Salem was performed in 1913.

This  year, we will publish Volume V of The Gardner Annals. That would be a good time to print and bind all five of the volumes with all of Gardner's Beacon issues in a format suitable for contributions to libraries. We still have print copies of the first four volumes.


See Vol. IX, No. 2 of Gardner's Beacon for a review of research to date and more. Sources.

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