Sunday, July 21, 2019

Research, TGA, Vol. V, No. 1

We're getting the next issue of TGA ready. The next post (Dr. Frank and Henry VIII) looks at one area of research that will be more common, in the future. We will continue to use Dr. Frank as the focus, due to his hard work and to the fact of being 1st cousin on the Gardner side. As well, we will feature Sidney Perley LLD who was a friend of the family.

Then, we are going to discuss research with respect to what we have done and our intent for future research. We would like to hear of other ideas, as well as see submissions of articles or of evidence resulting from research.

In short, we are always researching and blogging as we go along. After all, that was one purpose for the web (starting with HTTP allowing WWW). From time to time, we want to keep our records up to date. And, web-based information is great, but persistence requires converting to paper with articles (of all sorts) allowing proper formatting for future reference. Our work now will support future research just as we relied on Dr. Frank and Sidney and as they referred back to Felt and others. That's the way it goes.

We are using WikiTree for certain aspects of presentation, but the door is open. Technology? I'm a technologist and want to get at the guts of matters. Many older experts note that things are a mess. They are, really, folks. Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. intends to discuss this matter and demonstrate alternative methods.

When we get TGA_V_1 out, the plan is to get this volume together with the other four. We'll print and bind them with all nine volumes of Gardner's Beacon. That will give us one publication covering the research over the past ten years. It will be suitable for libraries.

Want to weigh in? The opportunity has always been there.

Remarks: Modified: 07/22/2019

07/22/2019 -- We look at a connection to Julia (Ward) Howe from the Gardner family.

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