Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Massachusetts 400

Earlier, we mentioned Plymouth and Gloucester in reference to the upcoming 400th anniversaries. Today, Salem sponsored a meeting at the Hawthorne Hotel that included representatives from some of the earlier towns: Plymouth (1620), Provincetown (1620), Weymouth (1622), and Quincy (1625).

Not that we forgot the overarching view: Massachusetts 400. This seed for this was set by Executive Order No. 502, in 2008.

Using the list provided by the Massachusetts Bay Colony page on Wikipedia that shows the "Time of Settlement" in the area, one would expect commemorations for a few decades.

Early on, we are talking about the area around the three 'red' dots (Plymouth, Salem, Boston) which spreads out over time.

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07/17/2019 -- Changed to using commemoration.

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