Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Young Captain

TL;DR -- Our young cousin and his memoir.  


As we get the latest issue of Gardner's Beacon (X,1) together, we were writing up a little bit of the life of Richard Crowninshield Derby who was mentioned in the post Descendants of Samuel. We picked him as an example of the frontier experience that needs a lot of research and discussion. Many who went west have been dissed, say Chloe Porter (No brick wall), for whom we are doing a 'analysis' ala the mode that DAR uses when some type of reasoning needs to be applied (versus rote types of checking).

DAR -- Richard (WikiTree) - his father (John Derby), his grandfather (Patriot: Elias Hasket Darby). 

In short, Richard, born 1834, was talented and went to college, but his studies were interrupted by sickness. He went west (not quite like Teddy but close enough) on the northern side (WI, MN). When the Civil War started, he got a commission. He was killed at Antietam, on 17 Sep 1862, which is in MD and which was a battle before Gettysburg. Of note is that Harper's Ferry where John Brown was hung is in that area.  

Then, we find out just now that Capt. Richard's diary, with a bio, was published in 1865. It was titled, The Young Captain. We barely skimmed the book and will be looking for other references about Richard, however, the frontier theme was before and after the Civil War. 

Richard is an example of an illustrious family keeping track of their offspring. Some of the experiences that we will detail further went further south from New England (think, diagonal southwest line from the northeast). Some were already in the southern areas and went west. Those families met and merged. Lots of stories to be told and studies to be done. 

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