Sunday, October 4, 2020

Descendants of Samuel

 Descendants of:

Note: Earlier, we had a list that included a British family in the descendants of Samuel. Now, that turned out to not be easily determined, so we do not have them on the list. However, I have heard from many British families and need to do a post on them. That is, these are Thomas and Margaret descendants who have an ancestor born here who went back.


This series will go through all of the children and identify some descendants. The list originally was on Wikipedia's page about Thomas Gardner (Planter). We'll put a header into each so that these can be linked, easily.

For these lists, we will be adding more names. Chronological order:
Descendant of George and Samuel

WikiTree profile for Samuel: Gardner-614

Earlier look at Samuel

Remarks: Modified: 02/27/2022

10/09/2020 -- Add links and image. 
10/15/2020 -- Added link to WikiTree. Removed Chamberlain until proven. Added in Richard Crowninshield Derby. 
10/16/2020 -- Note the relationship of Richard Crowninshield Derby with Jonathan and Elizabeth (Gardner) Gardner. He a descendant of George and Samuel.
10/21/2020 -- Added link to post on descendants of Seeth. 
10/24/2020 -- Add list of children. 
10/27/2020 -- Add AL Gardner to list.
11/03/2020 -- Add Thomas Needham Gardner. 
12/13/2020 -- Added link to earlier look at Samuel (and John Curwen). 
02/27/2022 -- Added Ebenezer Gardner of Maine. 

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