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Alfred L. Gardner, Ph.D.

This past fall, Alfred L. Gardner, Ph.D., a descendant of son Samuel, was named a Lifetime Achiever by the Marquis Who's Who. In 2016, Alfred 'earned a Scientific Achievement Award' from the US Geological Survey. Born in Salem, MA, Alfred moved with his family to Tucson, AZ after WWII. He attended Tucson High School. As an undergraduate, Alfred was a R.O.T.C. commander at the University of Arizona. He completed his education at the University of Arizona, Louisiana State University, and the University of Texas (M.D. Anderson Institute). After a teaching stint at Louisiana State and Tulane, Alfred moved to Washington, DC to work with the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center with his offices in The National Museum of Natural  History - Smithsonian Institution. Alfred served as Curator, for a time, at the NMNH. Earlier, as a young biologist, Alfred helped establish the displays at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which is near Tucson.  
Alfred L. Gardner, Ph.D. 

Alfred is a member of many scientific organizations, editor of several journals, author of over 200 refereed papers, and is a Fellow of the AAAS.

This is the first of a series where we would like to announce accomplishments of descendants of Thomas and Margaret Gardner. For those, we can do an ahnentafel. Alfred's paternal grandfather and grandmother are fully documented in the 1st printing of The Gardner Annals (Vols I and II). Alfred is also a descendant of Thomas Gardner of Roxbury.


Alfred's line is highlighted in this table that matches up Dr. Frank's 1907 and 1933 books. The index list from the 1907 book is 1, 6, 59, 79, 129, 188, 345. We want to fill in this tree for the first five or six generations, hopefully all the way to 1900.

Remarks: Modified: 05/19/2022

09/07/2018 -- Added Margaret with Thomas as forebears.

02/27/2019 -- This is not really the first. Earlier examples are: Nathaniel BowditchRuth GardnerAdolphus Greely and George William Coffin, and John Goff.

03/07/2019 -- Added this post to the image index on our portal to truth.

11/11/2019 -- Alfred is a veteran having served in the U.S. Army reserves for several years. This example of a profile can have various themes. See the Wikipedia page for the American patriots (and military) section which has a list that needs further attention.

05/19/2022 -- Recovered the image. 

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