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Descendants of Richard

 Descendants of:

This series will go through all of the children and identify some descendants. The list originally was on Wikipedia's page about Thomas Gardner (Planter). We'll put a header into each so that these can be linked, easily.

 For these lists, we will be adding more names. Chronological order:
  • Mary Gardner (c. 1660s) – wife of Jethro Coffin
  • Timothy Folger (c. 1700s) – studied the Gulf Stream with his cousin, Benjamin Franklin
  • Nathaniel Gorham (c. 1730s) – Signer of US Constitution
  • Mayhew Folger (c. 1770s) – rediscovered Pitcairn Islands in 1808
  • Lucretia Coffin Mott (c. 1790s) – early abolitionist, feminist, and co-founder of Swarthmore College
  • George Pollard, Jr. (c. 1791) – Captain of the Essex and the Two Brothers
  • Ezra Cornell (c. 1800s) – founder of Cornell university
  • Emily Lee (c. 1800s) – wife of U.S. Civil War General Daniel Tyler
  • Edwin M. Stanton (c. 1810s) – Secretary of War, American Civil War
  • Rowland Hussey Macy (c. 1820s) – founder of Macy's
  • Phillips Brooks (c. 1830s) – author of a well-known carol.
  • Charles Francis Adams II (c. 1830s) – Union General, President of Union Pacific Railroad
  • James A. Folger (c. 1830s) – founder of Folger's
  • Henry Clay Folger (c. 1850s) – head of Standard Oil of New York, founder of the Folger Library
  • George William Coffin (c. 1840s) – Commander of 'Alert', Greely Relief Expedition
  • Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (c. 1860s) – 2nd wife of Theodore Roosevelt
  • William Sydney Porter (c. 1860s) – author
  • Charles Austin Beard (c. 1870s) – historian, co-founder of The New School
  • Harold M. Stratton (c. 1870s) – founder of Briggs & Stratton
  • Esther Williams (c. 1920s) – American swimmer and movie star
  • William H. Macy (c. 1950s) - American actor
Lucretia Mott 

The order of the children is that used by NEHGS' Great Migration (Anderson) and Dr. Frank.

Earlier look at Richard

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