Wednesday, September 9, 2020


TL;DR -- What would Thomas do?

At the five year mark, we were reviewing the work done so far, especially with respect to technology's influence on how one works, what one can do, what means are there to present information, and so forth. With 'what?' as the chief component of the query. We gathered some thoughts in this post (WDTT?) which was a copy of WWJD, somewhat. Using Thomas for discussing the old and the new, and for setting some notion of understanding, technology was a proper focus (it touches everything).

We have had a few posts with this theme (latest one, Technology as imperative; search on technology). We have a technology blog which has been lagging of late but will be back in business soon. What does technology deal with?

Think back to Thomas' time and, then, think of today. Huge differences, though we the same people, more or less. As the above look was 'what' which is a common theme, technology demands that we look at 'how' in detail of varying sorts depending upon the mode and role. That is one focus of ours, since we want to contribute to the related spaces in an interesting way. How is this? We'll get to that.

Oh yes, that will bring up 'why?' and similar queries. So, this theme will recur, albeit the technology blog and the our portal will cover the more specific issues. 

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