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No brick wall

People joke of the 'wall' they found. It's been our experience that most of these examples are from a side branch which represents a collateral family. Or, it might be so far back as to be mostly nuisance, like preventing one to join some mutual-admiration society. The ones that we say need better handling are those of the main line. The fact of an extant person (this case, Chloe (Porter) Jackson) suggests some type of lineage is there from which the person got their mojo. 

Recap: Chloe's great-grandfather (Noah Porter) is in the Alden Silver Book. Her sister has descendants in the MF society. One of her Porter uncle's has descendants in the MF society. The details being expanded upon here were covered in a similar analysis that was published in The Gardner Annals (Vol III, No 1, Winter 2016) titled "Flyover country". 

This images points to some of the documents that will be covered in the next paragraph. Are we dealing with a mere transformation of style? Not really, as we will show little snips from the documents, themselves. Some groups like a story with snippets related with some text. The Mayflower person's response? I know how to read these documents. Okay? What was the hangup (is my response)?

These bullets will be filled in during this exercise

  • Statement of purpose -- Establish that Chloe is the daughter of Lyman Porter and Caroline Hopwood.  
  • Research strategies -- No direct tie was found to establish that Chloe Porter was the daughter of Lyman Porter and Caroline Hopwood. She was in several U.S. Census reports with the couple in which relationships were not explicit. She had several siblings. And, she was married with a daughter prior to an early death. We know something of her daughter who claimed Chloe as her mother. From the persons in Chloe's life for whom we know much more, we look to see how strongly we might find some (set of) associations that can fill the bill (tip the scale). As to scope and scale, all doors will be knocked on. 
  • List of documentation -- These are in order by the exposition offered in the 'Interpretation' section (next). We will note how the references interplay. 
    • I. U.S. Census, 1850, Montgomery, KY
    • II. VR, KY births (1852)
    • III. VR, KY, deaths (1856)
    • IV. U.S. Census, 1860, IL (get details of location)
    • V. 
    • ...
  • Interpretation -- The below goes through each of the documents noted prior and describes its support for the 'Statement of Purpose.'
    • I. Chloe (Clara A) is in the household of Lyman and Caroline Porter. George Porter is enumerated as 3 yo. Also included is the family of Permelia Hopwood with five children, ages from 19 ;yo to 4 yo. 
    • II. Emmery Porter born on June 20. Daughter of Lyman Porter and Caroline Hopwood. 
    • III, George Porter dies in 1856. Son of Lyman Porter. Porter: George B, son of L & C; d May 27, 1856; age 9y 7m 25d.  
    • IV. Chloe (Cloey) is in the house of Lyman Porter and Caroline (age agrees with prior Census). There is no George enumerated. There is Emmira (8 yo) in the enumeration. 
    • V. 
    • ... 
  • Account for conflicting evidence -- ...
  • Conclusion -- ...

 ...       this will be fun     ...

Goal: Turn "this will be fun" into "that was fun". 

Remarks: Modified: 10/02/2020

10/02/2020 -- Starting with the documentation and interpretation. Cursory view. Will change with details being covered. 

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