Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Spectral issues

TL;DR -- Technology, whether current or past, will be a continuing theme.  


The topic? Lots of meanings. For now, we will focus on the technology choices that will be coming up. We have had lots of post dealing with technology, in fact, two this year, already (Technology, as search); and, there is a blog with this focus (same post, Friendly to the mobile crowd) which came about due to issues of content versus configuration.

Or, for the older people, discussion of whether the "medium is the message" or not. We say not, emphatically.

Back then, when we were moving from Microsoft's experiment to Linux, there was a sampling of techniques. We liked none and went with our own (see discussion at our portal) approach which has been content driven, until now. It's time to re-evaluate and make changes. We have had a discussion going through these past few years as we switch configuration for various reasons while keeping our content curating (and researching) going.

Albeit, the content will still be related to Thomas and Cape Ann. However, there are larger views that ought to come into play, and philosophy is not that focus due to its normal mode of academic playground bullying. No, the computer will be key. Again, though, it'll be more than chasing that which is out of our grasp.

Frankly, the future looks daunting given all of the turmoils seen in 2020. Nevertheless, we are not much different in this respect than were those here in 1918, like the great and grand parents of many.

We are talking more than web design for superior information flowing, though that will be part of the focus. Our emphasis has to be across the whole of the spectrum, even though many might just be thinking of the personal genealogy and family history. There were thousands of families a few years after the Cape Ann experience.

From there, the Fifth generation was the core of the conflict that set the U.S. loose. That was 250 years ago. We need to be looking down that whole line, too. Purpose and motivation and such? Mere choices that can be made now once we start to get a technical basis set.

Thomas as capable in so many ways. Those who will keep things going now and in the future need to extend that in ways that Thomas could fathom. Even his generation only had one mind that touched upon the subject, adequately. Yes. Spinoza. We'll look at that.

Remarks: Modified: 11/10/2020

11/03/2020 -- We are about ready to commence work on further improvements that carry a message regarding the tradeoffs that we ought to face but mostly ignore. Some see fiddling as a right. Fine. But, there is always more work to be done than bodies (minds) to do it. Per usual, we'll be blogging on things encountered, especially issues.  

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