Thursday, September 3, 2020


While updating the Metrical page today, it seemed appropriate to look at some numbers. For instance, there is a count of accumulative posts through August of 2020 for the TGS blog. Then, there is a total count of reads across all of the activity, of which the TGS blog is one. Finally, there is the count for each of the 1st five reads sorted by the amount of reads.
We will do more of this as we go along. Nothing has been viral, however some things did get an interest. 

When looking at the Metrical, be aware that we don't have a huge post count. Many posts are fairly large, as there is the notion of collecting these into some type of organized document, at some point. In fact, we have from time to time. 

Per usual, we would like to discuss contributions of material. We are putting together the next Gardner's Beacon as well as the nest issue of The Gardner Annals.

In terms of the children, we have started with Sarah, Thomas and George. Next up is Richard. 

Remarks: Modified: 11/03/2020

11/03/2020 -- Things move slow but deep

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