Wednesday, September 16, 2020

175th for the NEHGS

We have mentioned the NEHGS several times. For one, they did the Great Migration Project. Also, they were involved heavily with the planning of the Mayflower 400th which was this year. We also looked to their work for inspiration. Recently, they started a blog with an endless number of pertinent posts: How long is a generation?

Buried 'neath all of the goings on was the approaching anniversary. The recent American Ancestor had a brief history of the NEHGS starting with the founders who are listed below (Wikipedia has a few links):
    Charles Ewer (1790-1853)
    Lemuel Shattuck (1793-1859)
    Samuel Gardner Drake (1798-1875)
    John Wingate Thornton (1818-1878)
    William Henry Montague (1804-1889)
Familiar names. As well as looking at the early years, the brief history came forward in time with information that deserves a closer look.

Congratulations to the NEHGS.

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