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Descendants of George

 Descendants of:

George is the second son. The below links came from the Wikipedia page on Thomas Gardner that was started in 2010. These will be verified. Some will be removed (as there are other Gardner families).

For these lists, we will be adding more names as we continue research. Chronological order:
  • Ruth Gardner (c. 1660s) – wife of John Hathorne
  • John Gardner (c. 1680s) – Captain – Salem Company, French-Indian War
  • Samuel Gardner (c. 1730s) – in-law of one of the consignees (Richard Clarke) of the tea thrown in Boston Harbor
  • Hon George Cabot (c. 1750s) -- represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate and was the presiding officer of the infamous Hartford Convention.
  • Elizabeth Cabot Blanchard (c. 1800s) – wife of Robert Charles Winthrop
  • John Lowell Gardner I (c. 1800s) – grandnephew of Col Timothy Pickering, East Indies trader, ship fleet owner (Barque, Brig, Clipper, Steamship)
  • John Lowell Gardner II (c. 1830s) – John's wife founded Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Lilla Cabot Perry (c. 1840s) – American artist
  • Elizabeth Gardner Amory (c. 1840s) – grandmother of Dorothy Winthrop Bradford
  • Endicott Peabody (educator) (c. 1850s) – headmaster for Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt at Groton School
  • Anna Parker Lowell (c. 1850s) – wife of Abbott Lawrence Lowell
  • Francis Cabot Lowell (c. 1850s) – longtime United States federal judge
  • Henry Cabot Lodge (c. 1850s) – American Senator
  • Augustus Peabody Gardner (c. 1860s) – Distinguished Service Medal (United States), Spanish–American War
  • Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt (c. 1860s) – 1st wife of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Julian Lowell Coolidge (c. 1870s) – chairman of the Harvard University Mathematics Department
  • Edmund Wilson (c. 1890s)-- man of letters
  • Endicott Peabody (c. 1920s) – the 62nd Governor of Massachusetts from 3 January 1963 to 7 January 1965
  • John Forbes Kerry (c. 1940s) – Vietnam War, United States Senator, presidential candidate in 2004 election, Secretary of State
  • Kyra Sedgwick (c. 1950s) -- Actor. Kyra is also a descendant of Lion Gardiner. 
Lilla Cabot Perry (1848-1933)
The family of George was covered, in part, in the 1933 Book, Gardner Memorial. Most of these are in that book.

Remarks: Modified: 09/30/2021

12/13/2020 -- Added earlier look at George. 

01/04/2021 -- Added Kyra Sedgwick. Looking at Kevin's genealogy next. 

09/30/2021 -- Added Hon. George Cabot. His daughter married John Thornton Kirkland, head of Harvard. 

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