Thursday, August 13, 2020

Emily Greene Balch

TL;DR - Focus, descendants and their child of Thomas and Margaret.


Emily Greene Balch received the 1946 Nobel Peace Prize.

Today, while reading book reviews in the WSJ, we saw Emily mentioned. The theme of the books being reviewed dealt with the upcoming celebration of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Given her surname, we wondered if she was a descendant of Sarah (Gardner) Balch who lived in Beverly, MA. It turns out that she is, as shown in this WikiTree profile. Somehow, we missed her in our earlier survey and have added her to the list of Thomas Gardner descendants on Wikipedia.

Her parents were Francis Vergonies Balch and Ellen Maria Noyes. We will be looking at the family a little closer as well as getting more into this, and associated, subject matter. Her peers would have been of the generation of Ann's grandmother who was a Suffragist.


Of late, we have started to look at the U.S. generations with a New England reference. We know that Virginia was here prior to Plymouth. As well, we will consider the experience of other countries.

Emily would have been the 8th or 9th generation of the Massachusetts variety.

The 5th took the brunt of the Revolution with some of the 4th were still here as the older generation. It was the 7th generation that  began to obtain the rewards of the new country in established areas with others extending the country through trials of frontier living. We can look at the later generations, too.

Though it may seem that we are considering the good times, we recognize that major problems still existed over this time period whose solution would come later or is still pending.

Remarks: Modified: 0313/2022

08/14/2020 -- Jane Addams was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. Her ancestor received his land grant from William Penn. Jane's parents moved to northern Illinois in 1844.

08/16/2020 -- On doing some research on Emily, I see that her ancestor's page has been edited. It is an example that we could follow: John Balch. Notice that these early Profiles are being driven by the Great Migration Project. We, the TGS, are helping edit the profile for Thomas (see right menu).

03/13/2022 -- Bryn Mawr was the alma mater of Drew Gilpin Faust.  It also welcomed Emmy Nother to the U.S. after her family fled the Nazi madness. Her brother went north to the Soviet Union and was killed by the powers that be. 

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