Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Descendants of Thomas

 Descendants of:

We just did the descendants of the first daughter, Sarah. Like with Sarah, we are taking these from the list built on Wikipedia almost a decade ago. On reviewing the Sarah list, we had a chance to re-check some of the relationships. We will do a post for all of those on the list. Plus, we can start to add more as part of the effort to document the first few generations.

For these lists, we will be adding more names. Chronological order:
  • Ebenezer Gardner (c. 1740s) – American Revolutionary patriot (Col. Benjamin Foster's Regiment), builder of the Gardner House, Machias, Maine. Ebenezer is also a descendant of Samuel, forebear of Dr. Frank. 
  • Charles Jackson Paine (c. 1830s) – Union General, American Civil War.
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr (c. 1840s) – American Jurist (with his father, members of the Dudley-Winthrop family).
  • Nathaniel Bowditch (c. 1770s) – autodidactic mathematician
  • Nathaniel Ha(w)thorne (c. 1800s) – American author, descendant of John Hathorne. Nathaniel is also a descendant of George through daughter Ruth who married John Hathorne. 
  • Charles Sanders Peirce (c. 1830s) – philosopher and mathematician. CSP is also a descendant of Thomas' and  Margaret's daughter, Seeth. We have mentioned CSP and his father in several posts. 
As we modify the page on Wikipedia to bring it up to date and within standards, we will move the descendants list to another site (our server). Too, we will use WikiTree and Family Search to check the pedigrees. At some point, we will institute our own verification scheme based upon our experiences with several members of the Heritage Society Community plus D.A.R.

Remarks: Modified: 12/13/2020

10/24/2020 -- Added list of children. 

12/13/2020 -- Early look at Thomas

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  1. Thomas gardener would have been my 11th grandfather, John Hathorne, was another, down thru Barter. It’s unbelievable of hard work for our history to be told. Thank you, for making it possible!