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Descendants of Sarah

 Descendants of:

We have had a few posts about the first few generations. Then, we looked, briefly, at later generations. Of late, we looked a Sarah, again. She was one of the first ones featured as she married a son of John Balch who was with Thomas Gardner.

Last fall (Nov/Dec), we started a post for each of the children, where the earlier one on Sarah was reused.
So, before we go to the next child (no decision yet), let's cover some things of interest about Sarah and her offspring. Say, a list of descendants. These are taken from the Wikipedia page about Thomas and are in chronological order.
  • Benjamin Balch (c. 1730s) – first Chaplain, Continental Navy. 
  • William Balch (c. 1770s) – first Chaplain, U.S. Navy. His father was first chaplain of the Continental Navy; his grandfather had been a chaplain in the Royal Navy. 
  • Stephen Minot Weld, Jr. (c. 1840s) – General, American Civil War hero.
  • Adolphus Greely (c. 1840s) – American Polar explorer, recipient of the Medal of Honor.
  • Charles G. Dawes (c. 1860s) – 30th Vice President of the United States.
  • George Swinnerton Parker (c. 1860s) – founder, Parker Brothers.
  • Emily Green Balch (c. 1860s) - Noble Peace Prize (1946), Professor of Economics (Wellesley College).
  • Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor (c. 1870s) – first editor of the National Geographic Magazine.
  • John Henry Balch (c. 1890s) – United States Navy, World War I, Medal of Honor, Lieutenant, World War II.
  • Heather Wilkinson Rojo (living) -- Nutfield Genealogy. Her blog is referenced in an American Ancestor article (Fall 2021). Her list of genealogy blogs
G. H. Grosvenor
at the National Geographic Office
DC, 1914
We started with Sarah and will add in other children while going through list of Thomas descendants on the Wikipedia page. Until further notice, we will use trees at WikiTree or Family Search (Example: Gilbert H. Grosvenor) to assess the claim of the descendant.  

Remarks: Modified: 12/28/2021

08/19/2020 -- Added in a few links and an image (for the portal to truth). Also, did a quick re-check of some names on the list.

10/24/2020 --  Added list of children. 

12/28/2021 -- Added Heather Wilkinson Rojo. 

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