Saturday, November 30, 2019

John Gardner

John (WikiTree) was the third son; he was born in England or in New England. There was been some controversy on that.

These posts of the children will pull together recent research as well as provide links to former work.
  • John and the Merrimack survey - John was out as a young man with a crew that went to survey the Merrimack. No doubt, he was the muscle, however he would have learned a lot from the experience. 
  • Mary (Gardner) Coffin - John's daughter married Jethro Coffin. Some say that this helped solve a long problem between two groups on Nantucket, namely the first settlers and the late-comers. 
  • Sherborne - it was the brothers on Nantucket who kept the information about Sherborne as the place of origins alive. 
  • Stories and unwindings - the Gardners had a good reputation on Nantucket. They were noted to have been educated which did not come from Harvard. The best guess? Their parents, especially Margaret. 
Children (according to the NEHGS and the Great Migration Project - as represented by WikiTree): ThomasGeorgeRichardJohnSarahSamuelJosephMiriamSeeth.

List of descendants of John

Remarks: Modified: 10/31/2020 

12/09/2019 -- John and siblings was featured at our portal to truth (see Roll).

10/31/2020 -- Descendants of John. Friend of John: Giles Corey.

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