Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The blog and the metrical

Remember when blogs were new? It was not that long ago. Nowadays, this means of information conveyance seems to be part of the structure of material on the internet. Start a new website, and a blog is included (albeit, optionally).

To us, our blog is like a huge, annotated outline of future material plus an evolving index. We are at a point where we'll look back on a regular basis as we have 10 years coming up from the first post (Welcome - 25 Sep 2010). As with many genealogy bloggers, for example Nutfield Genealogy (Heather Wilkinson Rojo' genealogy site), we have collected and provided some numbers over the years. Example: Summary, 2018. These were overview types. However, if you look deep, you will see that all of the ISP-level activity is logged to excruciating levels.

So, there will continue to be metrics shown and discussed. For starters, there is now a page related to things metrical. Why pages? They allow additional structure; one can get lost in the sea of posts; even keywords don't help that much.

Another aspect to look at is size of the post. As well as writing the post, we have been adding Remarks over the years. Some of the posts have increased in size. An example is the one that has collected material with respect to a shipwreck, The Gardiner that was, which is about 2,500 words which includes a lot of links. This is an area of open research.

BTW, we have a couple other blogs going and will report on those, too.

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