Saturday, November 23, 2019

Salem's start

Next year is the start of a whole lot of 400th commemorations; in 2020, we'll be looking at the Mayflower's arrival. Coming up will be other locations, such as Gloucester. There is a emphasis with a larger view: Massachusetts 400.

Recently, we see that the 1st occurrence of Salem Ancestry Week which is planned to be an annual affair has been announced (May 1-4, 2020). For details, see This is a collaborative effort by several groups including the City of Salem: Peabody Essex Museum, Essex National Heritage Commission, and American Ancestors and New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Theme: celebrate genealogy and ancestral connections to Salem, Massachusetts, during a weekend of lectures, tours, and research.

At a recent Board meeting of the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc., we talked about having a meeting in that area next year. Stay tuned for details on that event.

The Salem announcement mentioned two Nathaniels, Hathorne and Bowditch. We will add to that list. But, Sidney Perley is definitely worthy of recognition.

Remarks: Modified: 11/26/2019

11/26/2019 -- Added image from the Salem blog so as to enter it into our index by images (portal to truth).

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