Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Winter Island

Part of our work will be a deep review of things related to Salem. We have lots of examples of this type of work since 2010 and will go back to organize the material. However, it will be good to have some type of focus. Fortunately, Sidney Perley's work is there for us to use. He deserves a whole lot more credit than we have seen given to him during my own diggings into Salem. More on that later.

Earlier this year, we were trying to understand just where Gardner Brook was. It had a bridge over it that allowed people to go from Salem to the north fields. There were several paintings. Example: Gardner's Bridge. Dr. Frank's 1907 book showed this area. Turns out that we're talking the upper part of North River where it was more of a brook. And, the water way had several names over the years. Of course, Sidney had mapped this area.

Then, we saw where Sidney had mapped part of Salem Common along North River. Per usual, Sidney showed plots which he determined from his walk abouts plus his reading of records. This is being mentioned at that is the area where Roger Conant and crew spent their first winter: Massey's Cove. At the time, we took notice of one of the lots that had been in Gardner hands at one point. This area was bounded by North River and Collins Cove. Also it ends at Danvers River.

Across North River are the fields that will be of interest, too. In particular, Greenlawn Cemetery is where Dr. Frank's remains are interned.

Today, while reading on Samuel in order to get three more of the children covered at the portal to truth, there was a mention that in 1864, he was "granted permission to erect wharves at Winter Island" along with his brother, Thomas, and his nephew, Samuel son of his brother George. Interesting. Others being granted the right are: Gedney, Price, Hathorne, Higginson, Hirst, English and Pilgrim. We'll look at each of those. Hathorne and Higginson have been looked at due to family ties.

Where was that location? Ah, research required. This bit of land is off of Salem Neck. We found that Sidney had mapped this area, as well. There is a lot more to look at but here are some references to note.
In looking at this subject, we can see that Sidney published Thomas' descendant, no doubt in collaboration with Dr. Frank. See Old Planters Society, Remarks 11/20/2019.

Remarks: Modified: 11/26/2019

11/26/2019 -- Added image for index to be used at our portal to truth

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