Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sidney's Antiquarian

Sidney Perley has been mentioned a lot over the years. He wound down his Antiquarian look at Essex County and Salem at the time that Dr. Frank's The Massachusetts Magazine was starting up. We probably ought to have a page for Sidney (will, at some point) as he did so much work. Too, he published Dr. Frank's early draft of the 1907 book on Thomas Gardner (Planter).

Recently, while researching a plate that was in Dr. Frank's 1907 book, I got into Sidney's walkabout. His maps are phenomenal. He showed where Gardner's Bridge was. He mapped other areas of Salem, as well. Too, he published material from the early records of Salem and other towns. These we will go through just like we did all issues of Dr. Frank's magazine.

For starters, here are pointers to all of the issues of The Essex Antiquarian that are hosted at the Peabody Institute Library (disappeared - below links go to Hathi Trust).
This resource will be greatly used in the future.

Remarks: Modified: 09/21/2019

05/08/2019 -- While reading Volume VII, I ran across Sidney's story on Lord Timothy Dexter (page 107). So, I go to Wikipedia to see that they have: Timothy Dexter. Yes, there was a page, however there were issues related to sources. And, Sidney was not referenced. So, we'll correct that oversight. Too, the page on Sidney needs a little work: Sidney Perley. This is one example of many of continuing (curating) work that might get more attention as the 400ths loom for other towns.

05/16/2019 -- Lots going on that can get in the way, but we persist. The first of many posts: Massey's Cove. This came about by seeing Henry Lunt mentioned on one of Sidney's maps in an area downstream along North River.

08/06/2019 -- disappeared. Will switch to Hathi Trust. Vol VIII - 1904 updated.

09/21/2019 -- Finally got links to point to Hathi Trust. ... New England Historical Society mentions that Sidney knew where the Salem hanging site was. The recent study just confirmed his findings.

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