Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Which railroad?

We are in the process of finding maps close to the area of Gardner's hill. This was precipitated by seeing an early edition of Dr. Frank's 1907 book. Here are two posts to note:
  • How close is close, III? -- wherein we compare Sidney's walkabout with Google, again. 
  • Stephen Wilson Gardner -- original post with a photo of the dedication to Dr. Frank's father plus our attempt at a photo of the plate. There are other posts between these two. 
This map is really instructive. It shows the railroad that might have been seen in the 1848 view (2nd image - a decade before the Civil War). It looks like the choo-choo was either Salem & Lowell or the Essex. The Wakefield Branch is on the other side of the church. 

As an aside, Gardners left Salem. John and Richard went to Nantucket. Thomas Jr. went north. We need to look closer at that. George went to Connecticut leaving his daughter, Ruth, behind. That left Samuel and Joseph. Joseph was kill in the King Philip war. So, Samuel bore the Gardner name; he acquired most of what Thomas left in terms of real property, including Gardner Hill

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