Thursday, May 23, 2019

Memorial Day, 2019

We have our first post tying together records for a member of the collateral family. In this case, a tersely marked gravestone has been associated with the record of the widow whose record we manage. So, we can update as we research further.

It's  Memorial Day on Monday. The record was of a burial in a G.A.R. plot in Saugus, MA. The widow is the sister of a great-grandparent. In looking at the family clustered around those records, we see several Patriots from the Revolution as well as participants in other events.

So, we'll make a special effort. In this case, the stone only mentions the name of the soldier and his Regiment. We will fill in the rest of the information on the web. His record is tied with that of his widow which then points to our continuing research work.

You heard of augmented reality. This is that, in the sense of a physical gravestone being uploaded to the internet (Find A Grave) and then a link put in to his wife's information. Then, WikiTree is being used to support and help coordinate activities.

This is the stone that has sat there for over 120 years. There is no information about birth or death. But, after a little work today, I can add a few things. He was born in Scotland circa 1817. His death was before 1890 when his wife was documented to have a pension. She was Caroline A. (Blake) Ingalls. They had four children. Her family is out of New Hampshire. Need to check to see what might be in the cemetery records. In any case, we can 'augment' that.

Remarks: Modified: 05/28/2022

05/23/2019 -- BTW, this stone is of a Mayflower descendant and sits in a lonely, damaged way in the middle of the U.S. Of interest since it dates to about the same time as this one in Saugus. And, the burial was of a person of the Civil War time. I need to get back to this story. See Flyover Country. Also, he is a descendant of Major Hathorne.

06/02/2019 -- Happy to note that in-law FindAGrave records are being updated, too. Problems with that site? You bet.  Some have 1,000s and 1,000s of records under their control. Some have turned off email. I have put in a bunch of suggestions. Usually, these are done within a reasonable time. But, this case is good since no one seems to have touched this family. Meaning, lots of work to do. In some cases, I might put a virtual record under the control of the Thomas Gardner Society (after reading about the policies about such).

05/28/2022 -- Memorial Day, 2022 - An Osage Mission

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