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Samuel Gardner

This post is about Samuel Gardner (Gardner-614) and John Curwen (Corwin-10). John was the step-brother of Mary (White-3107), Samuel's wife.

We were looking to see who was Mary's father. Anderson did not mentioned her maiden name (Great Migration (requires NEHGS account), see Image 1). But, then, Torrey did not either.

Dr. Frank did. Was he correct? Well, Frank mentioned that Elizabeth was Mary's mother and she had married John White. Mary's father died, and Elizabeth married George Curwen (Corwin). We know this from Torrey (New England marriages prior to 1700 (requires NEHGS account), see Image 2).

But, we know more. The NEHGR published an article about Elizabeth. In it, Mary and Samuel are mentioned. So, Dr. Frank was correct. However, this work was after Anderson published, so he is off the hook.See NEHGR Vol 163 (requires NEHGS account), page 190, (see Image 3) starting at page 192. As we can note, the research had to be carried out in England.

Images 1, 2, 3 
This is an example of the type of thing that families need to do and which the TGS sees as in its mission.

There is more to be found in NEHGR Vol 150 (requires NEHGS account), page 190 (see Image 4), "Elizabeth Herbert, Wife of (1) John White and (2) George Corwin." Elizabeth was the mother of Mary who married Samuel Gardner. The article mentions a petition to the court by Samuel with regard to the estate of George Corwin. Dr. Frank had mentioned that, too.

Elizabeth (Herbert)(White) Corwin

Note: the family was in Cape Ann in the 1623/24 time frame. Thomas, George, and Richard were born in England (see WikiTree discussion on Margaret Fryer). John was born here, too. However, there is a record for a John in Dorset at the same time. This may have been John who came over later (open area of research). Samuel was born here, as well. The Samuel mentioned in Dorset in 1624 was of another family. We are working to separate the families as we try to figure out where Samuel's father came from.

Children (according to the NEHGS and the Great Migration Project - as represented by WikiTree): Thomas, GeorgeRichard, JohnSarahSamuel, JosephMiriamSeeth.

List of descendants of Samuel

Remarks: Modified: 12/13/2020

12/05/2019 -- Added in the images to go with the links (which require a NEHGS account) as Samuel is important to our work. A middle child, somewhat. Too, he's the ancestor of Dr. Frank. So, that gives us a focus with which to work the unknowns.

12/13/2020 -- Added link to list of descendants of Samuel. 

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