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Seeth Gardner

More specifically, Seeth (Gardner) Conant Grafton, the youngest daughter. She was buried with Thomas at the Gardner burial plot and is mentioned in several post related to the question of 'Where is Thomas?' (continuing research theme). Her stone is in Harmony Grove Cemetery. Her bones? We don't know.

Her nephew, Abel and his wife Sarah, were buried there, too. Abel was son of Samuel and progenitor of Dr. Frank.

It's about time that we looked at Seeth. Earlier, we looked at her sisters, Sarah Balch and Miriam Hill. This is an introduction; there will be more as we fill in her WikiTree Profile (Gardner-592) of her children. We just started to update the Profile for Seeth (Grafton) Andrew Hicks.

Turns out that a descendant of Seeth wrote for The American Genealogist about her. See TAG, Vol 71, pg 26. Craig Partridge, the researcher, was a professor at Stanford.


Children (according to the NEHGS and the Great Migration Project - as represented by WikiTree): ThomasGeorgeRichardJohnSarahSamuelJosephMiriamSeeth.

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