Saturday, August 3, 2019

Threads through five generations

When we did the list of descendants that is on the Wikipedia page for Thomas, we browsed books, other genealogical sites, found connections, and did a quick assessment. For each entry, we put a year to relate their period plus identified the child.

Yesterday, we looked at some of these. And, picked Ezra Pound since he was documented on WikiTree. For Ezra, there was a link to his Wikipedia page, a note that he was ca. 1880s, and that his ancestor was Richard. We also looked at several others. Ezra Cornell is of Richard, too, but we need to review what has been done for him as there is some conflicting information. We found out that Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor is a descendant of Lion Gardner. In the mode of 'All things Gardner' work, we will move these to a side list showing these other families.

Today, we checked several other entries and considered that we need to approach this from the viewpoint of getting descendants of the children identified which would lead to the first five generations being written up. Along that line, the below list is a start. For now, we'll show the chart that maps to Henry VIII for its potential to show how collateral families come into play.

These can be thought of as threads. Some research might find them useful. I did. Those with resources have more motivation, too. I found that looking at work done by those folks would help with other lines, various ways.

This is a partial list with no particular order.
We still need one from Miriam. 

Remarks: Modified: 12/09/2019

12/09/2019 -- We have been featuring the children at our portal to truth.

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