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Giles Corey

TL;DR -- Giles Corey deserves our attention and respect.  


We have had a few references to Giles. Ever since we read of his ordeal, he has been on the list of heroes. We, recently, heard from a descendant of Giles who had some questions. More on that below. 

First, some of the references to Giles Corey:

  • Pressing Day (19 Sep 2018) -- Giles died on that day in 1692. 
  • Howard Street Burial Ground (18 Feb 2020) -- Giles was buried in an unmarked area in this cemetery which is in very poor condition, from what we heard. 
  • Afterthoughts & Modifications (29 Oct 2012) --- In our first fall issue of Gardner's Beacon (Vol I, No 4), we mentioned Giles and his sons. We ought to have referenced Giles' daughters and his sons-in-law. Also, we mentioned that Giles wife had been hanged, but that was three days later (Martha Corey). 
  • Gardner's Beacon (Vol I, No 4)  (21 Oct 2011) -- So, the error was a year before where we look at Silly Salem and its yearly bowing down to those who want to turn real stuff into Disneyland'ish fare. Last year, at last, they restricted access to one cemetery (Charter Street) which was being destroyed by the yearly on slot. We also mention that the Court asked John Gardner to talk Giles out of his fervor. But, he was trying to save his property for his progeny. 
  •  Ruth Gardner (11 Sep 2011) -- While writing of Ruth who married George Gardner (son of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Fryer), we made several additional comments, such as this: 10/19/2011 -- Need to mention Jonathan's son, George, as seen from the Corey side (stale pointer - The only person who seemed to profit from the witchcraft hysteria was Sheriff George Corwin who confiscated property and pocketed fees collected from the accused and their relatives.
  • South (east and central) Essex County (9 Jan 2011) -- we mentioned four people and site. First was Sidney Perley about whom we have written a lot (like figuring out the lynching site - and how Gallows Hill relates - over 100 years earlier than the modern mind). And, then the Trials of 1692, we mentioned that recognition of Giles Corey ought to be universal. There was this thing called "This week in Salem" (defunct?). Finally, John Goff who contributed a lot
As noted in 2011, we need to pay more attention to Giles Corey. 

Some questions were about John Gardner: identity, why was he there?, and such. Finally, we got around to trying to document all of the progeny of Thomas and Margaret Gardner to about 1900. Until now, we have been sampling for each child: Descendants of John. An example, we have had several topical post about John, such as being on the crew that mapped the Merrimack. But, we have done the same for each child; we will pull these together like this post for John Gardner. It was John who got us to focus on Sherborne, Dorset, England in the context of origins (latest post on work at WikiTree - Margaret Friar). So, lots of continuing work. 

But, we have questions, too. For instance, how long was the trip (miles and time) from Salem to Nantucket in the 1600s? There are more. 

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