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Hundred years

TL;DR -- About a case that is older than necessary due to factors that have no substance. Alas.  


The person for whom I was doing some research related to her Mayflower ancestry turned 100 years old this month. I thought that a recap of some of the posts related to that might be in order. As well, this will allow me to look at the posts and tie them together.

Incidentally, the lady is a descendant of Thomas and Margaret through their son George.

In brief, the issue with the Mayflower group was absence of primary documents for one generation, however there were plenty secondary ones that allowed analysis of the lineage. We can start with a later analysis.
  • Genealogy and Bayes (November 2019) -- It is encouraging to see papers being written on this subject. Lots of  attention has turned to chemical biology (DNA); however, we still have the 'meme' side of things with a strength that has not been understood. Lots to discuss on this matter. 
  • Mayflower pure (November 2016) -- When I started, there were two. Now, there is only one who reached a major milestone. Of course, this post is a reaction to the response by the authority figure. We all know of vanity genealogy. Well, the TGS, Inc. is not about that. Rather, we need to look at the total of the history of the U.S., what it might mean, and what the future entails. Lots and lots to look at. So, in this case, 2020 was to be a huge series of huge affairs. But, the virus came around. From another view, I have seen many who go back to the beginning and who have no Mayflower links, except for those of a 'step' relationship, or an in law, or such. That is what the 'pure' means, in this sense. Let's celebrate that 'rare' (or not) set of events (coming 'oh so close' through the years and generations. 
  • About generations (October 2019) -- There have been continual efforts at research in this vein from early on. With the explosion of interest related to the 300th (a 100 years ago), we saw this type of thing become more organized. The 'silver' books were published, for instance, covering five generations. Now, speaking of which, the NEHGS had a nice post that looked at the
    How long is a generation?
    question of 'How long is a generation?' It's interesting from several views. For one, we need the computer and data. The silver books plus updates gave the second. The computer's prowess with respect to crunching provides the first. And, that nexus is at the core of both good things to come and terrible stuff. In that latter regard, we look to consider, what would Thomas think?, a post from 2015 that will be a central theme. 
  • NEHGS as mentor (April 2018) -- About this time, several years had gone into planning the 400th. Trips were coming up, related to looking at particulars of the European experience of those involved prior to the sailing of the Mayflower. There was an early look at the parties which included the American Indian tribe that lived in the area. So, we were looking at a coordination between four nations: American Indian, England, Netherlands, plus the U.S. 
  • Flyover country (November 2016) -- The red/blue aspects really were at the forefront at this time. However, from the perspective of the lady applicant, there was the personal history of her families moving westward. Of late, I have had the opportunity to study many of these families. One organization has it right; the U.S. Census is full of good information about the people out west. Some might quibble nuances, however, if you are a U.S. citizen interested in history, then, the U.S. Census would be part of this. On a regular basis, the government tried to assess the citizenry; good citizens participated. Say, name the head of the household, the spouse, then the children in order of birth. Time, and again, this was true. And, you can see it in this case. Too, there is a lonely grave out west in which was interred the body of a Mayflower descendant. Do those back east care? Well, again, this theme is part of those meme'ish deals that we will look at. 
There are more posts. But, this gets the look back started. And, there is a dissing going on here with respect to a lady who died too young to leave much of a paper trail. A complication was that a step-mother came into the scene not long after the lady died. Of  course, this lady was 1st-ggp of the one who recently got the three digit age accomplished. And, the sister of this one being dissed is in the rolls of the Mayflower organization plus are her children; as well, an uncle of this lady is in with his progeny.

Stupid is what I call this type of thing. Oh yes, there has been a move by the NEHGS to provide material support in these cases (for huge fees - I work pro bono) where the Mayflower organization had to accept the determination of the NEHGS researcher, despite the Mayflower group's supposed superior processes. So, perhaps, there is some learning going on here.

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07/22/2020 -- Added image for the icon index at our portal to truth.

08/07/2020 -- Cumberland Pass in the west has the same name as that in the east known as the Gap. However, they represent the movement across the country which established the country. So many stories. Too, they created instances like poor Chloe being dissed by Plymouth people squatted in eastern Massachusetts. It's a large country out here, folks. So, I have now seen oodles of families with the same problem from the tip (Canadian border) all the way to the lower part of Texas. Has anyone really awakened to this? Not that I can see, otherwise I would not have the need for this type of post (Genealogy and Bayes).

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