Monday, May 4, 2020

Vanity genealogy

Seven years ago, we had a post titled "Endless genealogies." At the time, one motivation was the proliferation of sites dealing with genealogy. That is, personal family sites which abound though we see the likes of Wikitree and Ancestry (dot com). Too, though, genealogy is mentioned in ancient literature as well as having been an issue throughout history (say, confirming membership in the Royal Family - which PH wants to leave under the guidance of MM - this topic has gotten a lot of eyeballing via social media).

One Gospel has its 'begat these and those' as one of many references in the Old and the New Testaments. Along that line, we have brought up the subject, to boot (post mentioning genealogy) as it would apply to identifying the descendants of Thomas and Margaret. We did broaden the focus to Cape Ann and further, as did Dr. Frank who included all of Massachusetts outside of those connected with the Mayflower arrival which is celebrated this year (400th).

That's not the subject, though. We are interested in History and persons, thereof (last post), for another purpose related to what we can do now that has not been possible before. And, if we did it right, we could have a more full knowledge base where limits to science can be tested in a manner that needs some attention. Now, this new type of thinking requires some discussion. Be aware that we expect the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. to be part of, and lead some of, the discussion and the adjoining work.

Example of DAR work
Supporting the
US Semiquincentennial
Having spent several months helping a DAR Chapter with some genealogy and registrar work (to get a sense of the current approaches and the problems of the past and of those related to change for technology), there are all sorts of complexities that will shuffle. Some of these will be paralleled with the general use of technology; others will be particularized (love that, comes out of the Poly Sci views) to tracing lineages.

Which we intend to do with membership with a larger focus of getting the descendants of Thomas and Margaret (and other families) identified down through 1900, at least. There have been many sites offering their genealogy which we have found useful. However, in the matter of proof, lots of things are still open issues. Rules from 100 years ago do not apply now without some adjustment for contextual changes. On the other hand, being consistent is a major factor many times.

But humans deal with, and actually bring to fore the need for, interpretation. Why else judges at several levels? We are suggesting that an unknown type of broader focus is possible; vanity might be human and unavoidable, however it is not a major motivation.

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