Saturday, May 30, 2020

Going forward

No doubt, things looked dire 102 years ago when the pandemic (Spanish flu) was getting started. We know that things settled down, as the 300th anniversary was celebrated. Between then and now, there were other outbreaks. Some of these verged on being huge however were not. Until, this year, with the advent of COVID-19 which story is being told now and whose ending we know not.

The 'lockdown' put into place to stifle spread of the virus came and went, somewhat, having started in March. So, now, how to go? Loosen, is the watchword. But, be careful is another. An economy can't be based upon a vacuum might be another. How many more are these various views?

Some went ahead and partied. There are inklings of relapses. Others have been more circumspect.

Memorial Day came and went. The summer is appearing. Fall, a long way off, will be here before we know it and concerns many. How many more waves? We can look back to the Spanish Flu of 1918

But, technology is much different now. We see the daily bombardment of ourselves, through the various media whose extent seems to have to limit. As a way to found a viewpoint for ourselves, we look to 1900 as a basis from which to go back to the inception. In other words, put some personal touch to the stories to frame analysis in more concrete tones. We tried with with an earlier outbreak: Andover ordeal. Over the past 400 years, we could build tales related to the major events, beyond those of the patriotic type.

One promise of the new media is a retelling. If we do get relooks, can we do it right? Technology is one key thing. We have been discussing this using frameworks that lag, by choice. However, the withdrawal from public to private as we have just seen does indicate that some of the newer modes ought to be of interest. Not so much for notions of commerce as for means which will be suitable for providing a full spectrum related to information. One huge problem? We don't see that today; rather, we have these silos that seem to foster 'echo' more than truth.

Yes, have you noticed that we use 'portal to truth' for our website? Have for awhile? That can be discussed further. Technology can be seen as impersonal, has been. On the other hand, people are the key; the American experiment can show that. Our view of the 400 years offers a chance for this to looked at more fully.

Bifurcations are a fact of life. How we handle these is something for us to learn. Just knowing how these dynamics come about seems to elude our best attempts at conquering. Frustration due to this reality sees over enthusiasm in looking for artificial means. Not that we cannot have tools. However, a 'more full' look can be applied to this type of endeavor as to any other that we engage ourselves in.

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