Friday, June 19, 2020

The future

The 2020 festivities have been muted all around. Everywhere one looks, there is something about COVID-19 and its impact. We lost our spring this year of which this is the last day.

Here is a collection of COVID-19 articles from the IEEE Spectrum (COVID-19 -- Your IEEE Resources). I wanted to point to another article dealing with Control Theory which is apropos to our work, several ways. However, that is a discussion for another time as we, basically, are stumbling toward the future as a whole. These times show that looking forward is hard, virtually impossible, except we seem to forget that (the sun rises in the east in the morning). No one expert, or set of experts, can tell us how this will unfold.

So, we look backward. Which is what the TGS, Inc. has been touting since its beginning. One post of note would be this one: A new science. As well, we need to dampen anything vanity. Of late, we have been using WikiTree for our work due to its open nature. Many ways to work are heavily controlled which can limit. We need to work a balance.

Notice that in the above article from the IEEE Spectrum they mention GitHub, in particular, a model. We ventured into GitHub and its technology (see link at our portal - last year and will be using it more (or some equivalent, perhaps, at some point). It's a way to handle management of content, usually thought of as being technical in nature. That does not have to be, as any type of content can be managed.

If you look, you will see that lots and lots of ways to do things have been offered. Some type of acceleration took place after the mobile approaches got enabled. We did our initial look a few years ago and will pivot that way more due to the lessons learned the past few months. That is, apps are in the future, but we will be looking at issues of sustainability through time. There has been enough done the past decade and one-half to make decisions that can lead the way into the future.

We are still looking forward to 2023/24 (400th) and 2026 (250th) with a perspective of establishing a more solid presence via media (in ways un-thought of, yet). Lots to do.

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