Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sherborn, MA

TL;DR -- So, there's a Sherborn, MA which was named this in 1674. Need to learn more of the area and its times. 


While reading the latest American Ancestors which had articles about the witch ordeal, there were maps, one of them showed an area with the name of Sherborn. We had an interest for several reasons. For example, it has been shown that Thomas Gardner, Margaret Fryer, and family had come from a town of that name which was located in Dorset, England. Also, John said that his father had told him that they had come from Sherborn. We now see that via records. 

Cranberries? Apples? The largest cider mill in the world? There's more. The Sherborn Historical Society has good information about the area which was rural. We will get back to the area which we have not looked at in detail, as of yet. 

There was no indication about the name choice. If anyone knows, please let us know. 

It's status? A former, very productive farming community became a "bedroom" type with tech firms scattered about. Well, given our technology focus, we will look into that, as well. 

With the heat of the summer upon us early, this is a perfect photo. 

The name is said to have been "arbitrarily" chosen by the General Court in 1674. That was the year when Thomas Gardner died. We'll look further into the matter. 

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