Friday, April 19, 2019

General Lafayette

The 400th season has started with Plymouth which kicked off with activities this year. Gloucester is planning for 2023. There may be others already at work.

At the same time, we need to look at the 200th which would have been the activities post the Revolution, the Quasi-War, and the War of 1812. We had movement west, such as seen with Jedediah Strong Smith.

The 300th had lots of activity about which we can ferret out information: Pageant of Salem. This time around we will have the web and will leave all sort of tracks.

And example is The Lafayette Trail which is following the travels of General Lafayette in the U.S. As this story tells us, a French Geographer has gotten attention and support for tracing Lafayette in his tour of America. Jedediah had already passed through St. Louis before Lafayette got there.

In his magazine (The Massaachusetts Magazine), Dr. Frank had authors who were involved in U.S. events during early and middle nineteenth century. One example is Judge Thompson who ventured west and returned to New England where he was a Judge. Franklin Benjamin Sanborn wrote about several of the earlier personalities.

As the 400ths unfold, we can follow the 200ths, as well, as raise the awareness of things forgotten or left behind.

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