Friday, December 22, 2023

Dartmouth '99

TL;DR -- So, a new role? Nathaniel Fick's position is of interest, for several reasons. For one thing, he was at Dartmouth. Post the AI meeting, of course. Still. It has been a year now since he had his new role. We can start to look at the consequences of his work and of computational things, in general. 


He has graduate degrees from Harvard. He is of Darmouth, 1999. Who? 

  Dartmouth Alumni  Magazine - Nathaniel Fick '99

Going forward, we will not have a strictly technical focus with respect to technology. So, where to start? The Technical Czar of the U.S. He was appointed last year by President Biden. 

He did ROTC at Dartmouth enough to get a commission out of college. It's interesting that he picked infantry for his service area. At that time, the web was bulging, ready to burst. And, it did. But, the crucial event of 9/11 was right around the corner. 

So, our interests are several, starting with technology as there have been recent announcements of late of the adults waking up and getting involved with the sandboxy affairs of AI et al. Someone has to take responsibility. For one, those doing anything "AI" now without proper attribution to the methods and their sources will have egg on their face in the future. But, also, pushing out crap-trained systems can be thought of as idiotic, for several reasons. 

But, there are New England connections. There was one part of the family that came into Virginia prior to the Revolution. Then, his family went west post the Revolution. We have not looked at this too closely, yet. 

For those wanting to research further, his parents were Nathaniel Crow Fick and Jane Ella Stimola

The office: Ambassador-at-Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy. Confirmed: 09/15/2022. Two months later? OpenAI's ChatGPT. A little bit later, 100M plus users for the chatty generative thingee. 

Remarks: Modified: 12/22/2023

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