Thursday, December 28, 2023

Thomas Gardner, a puzzle

TL;DR -- On Thomas, we have had lots of posts on various subjects. This year, new information came to fore which we will use to adjust our site(s) which includes the blog(s) and website(s). 


This day, 29 Dec, of 1674? Thomas Gardner, the one we know of, died in Salem, MA. 


Consider this a brief look at status. Also, we will cover more in Gardner's Beacon, XIII, 2, shortly. In any case, we will use this post to organize material. 


Thomas Gardner of Salem? Was he at Cape Ann, too? Who was he? Were there two of this name, concurrently? Were they related? So many other questions asked over the years. In 2024, we will organize better what we know and what needs attention. 

Note: Declarations at WikiTree are without substance in some instances. We will get those corrected. 

This is what WikiTree says about the husband of Margaret Frier: Gardner-159. We have been looking at, and for, information on this gentleman for some time: Dec. 2011; Jan. 2019; Jun. 2019

If there was another, here is how WikiTree describes him: Gardner-924. On the two, these were our thoughts in November of this year: Gloucester, 2nd year

Of course, we know of Thomas Gardner of Roxbury

Too, there is the FAQ.     

Remarks: Modified: 12/29/2023

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