Monday, July 31, 2023

Preview, Gardner's Beacon, Vol XIII, No 1

We are working on the next issue of Gardner's Beacon which will be No. 1 of Vol. XIII. The context of this issue will cover the topic of our current work and discuss an important change in the focus for our research. Related posts: Year to date, 2023; In summary (and What we know). Origins (questions of whence) will continue to be on our list of topics. We will use "new directions" as the theme for the needed work with a nod to the publisher of Ezra Pound. With regard to that, Harvard will be part of the theme, too. Life in the U.S. will be regular. Plus looking at the colonial times and onward. As will an increasing technical view that will be properly focused. 


Presentation of
GB XIII, 1 (coming soon)  

See Vol. XIII, No. 1 of Gardner's Beacon for links to Sources.

Remarks: Modified: 08/05/2023

08/05/2023 -- As we go along with the work to collect and publish, we will add commentary here. 

08/06/2023 -- Added a couple of links, on Life in the US and on the technical view. And an image. 

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