Monday, February 27, 2023

Black History Month

TL;DR -- We look at culture via music. 


We will be more active in following events related to the National Heritage Months, this year. In the prior post, we listed three of these events and will be adding more to the list. 

Our post in 2019 had a history focus. This year, we want to take a cultural view, dealing with music which is an important aspect of our lives. Though, we know that some of our ancestors, in New England, did not appreciate the value of music. 

This is our first post like this. We will link to two youtube videos by people from different cultures of the same song, written by the first and covered by the second. 

Both videos are remarkable in ways that are important to discuss. That the links are to Vevo is no endorsement. Wanted both to be on the same level of professional handling. 

Remarks: Modified: 02/27/2023

02/27/2023 --

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