Friday, March 3, 2023

Women's History Month, 2023

TL;DR -- For Women's History Month, we provide a link to a USA Today article on the subject with they provide information about milestones related to women serving in the U.S. Congress through time. 


We wrote of our interests in Awareness Months in the context of American history. Our post on Black History Month which was in February had a music and culture theme. Last year (2022), we did our first posts on Women's History Month in March with a look at two women. One was of a new family; the other had a long U.S. heritage. We were reminded about this focus by an article about the Gairdner Foundation which was offering awards to women scientists. For the month, we had several posts.  

One of them was a focus on Emmy Noether who came over here prior to WWII and taught mathematics at Bryn Mawr. Emmy's work will continue to be of interest as we pursue our studies of technology and culture. In that post we also mentioned Emily Green Balch who was a graduate of the college and won a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Another one was a brief look at Drew Gilpin Faust who was from the South but also had northern ancestors. She was Head of Harvard from 2007 to 2018. 

This year, we will start out with an article from the USA Today about the milestones of the Women of Congress. The article provided a graphic of milestones that also gave a bar chart of the percentage of women who were serving. The first woman was from Montana and entered the House of Representatives in 1917. She was Jeannette Pickering Rankin (WikiTree: Rankin-2418) which suggests New England heritage. The first woman elected to the Senate in was Hattie Wyatt Caraway (WikiTree: Wyatt-3262) who was from the South. She was elected while living in Arkansas. Two of her sons were generals in the U.S. Army. 

We will have more posts this year and throughout the year in all of the subjects of interest.  

Remarks: Modified: 04/16/2023

03/25/2023 -- We just did a post on Hypatia as an example of focus where we tie women and technology. 

04/16/2023 -- Updated link to post and image (at Gairdner site). Posting them here. 

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