Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Gairdner Foundation

TL;DR -- Themes become memes and endure. Technology assists, in ways we do not even think about. But, will. For good or bad, we have to look at matters related to progress and change. Looking back can provide a framework which offers types of insights that we need to hone. With respect to medical research, the Gairdner Awards foundation is an example of successful handling of a particular focus. We will be looking more at that. 


We have mentioned this organization a couple of times in the blog but ran into their work almost in the beginning. Early on, we had lots of questions about the name and the families and started to look at All things Gardner. 'Gairdner' is obviously close to 'Gardner' and other variants of the name. This family is from Scotland. What caught out attention, though, was their work in supporting medical research. From the start, we have had research as a focus. Initially, there was a lot to do to fill in what for what we didn't know and are still working that. 

Why? The more we find out, the more questions arise. Too, it is our experience that the U.S. plays an unique role in the world which might be associated with the Americas, in general. So, issues of history, culture, and family will continue to get attention (see post on Culture, History, and Technology). It may not have been apparent, but we see technology, in general, a being of prime importance going forward. 

We have had several post related to the theme of technology. Here are a few: 

Now, getting back to the Gairdner theme, we were on Facebook and saw their hashtag post on Women's History Month. This is an image of the Gairdner Awards FB feed. 

They will be offering awards to women scientists, so we will stay tuned. 

From Streets of Salem: Books for Women's History Month, 2022

Remarks: Modified 12/22/2023

03/09/2022 -- Added book list. Of the categories needing attention, a "Magna Carta, technical" sits on the top. Not many make the effort to know: how all of this stuff works?; why it is like it is?; are there other alternatives?; and such. Rolling with the crowd, being controlled by those who can do so, lazing in the aura of gaming with its biochemical impacts, being impinged in unknown ways from the proliferation of material that impacts energy, and more. Research options abound. 

03/25/2022 -- Wikipedia article on the company. Ninety-seven Gairdner Laureates have won the Nobel Prize. ... Collected some information on James Arthur Gairdner (his parents, his service record). 

12/22/2023 -- THE FUTURE OF AI IN SCIENCE AND MEDICINE, talk at Gairdner Foundation, Oct 25, 2023. 

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