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Who's on first?

 TL;DR -- So, 1st governor? That has been mentioned. Today, we find another view brought into the mix after a decade of research. We really appreciate this addition. 


We have several themes involved with the work of Gardner Research. One of these motivates the post. But, let's look at another one first. It has to do with the families at Cape Ann some of whom moved over to the area that became Salem. Some went back, such as John Tilley who was featured in a recent NEHGR article. A little later, of the first class at Harvard, the majority went back. Some not to return such as George Downing. With regard to Harvard, we had people coming over just to attend. 

Our interest is to find the Cape Ann families and their modern offspring. Say, like this view of the signers of one of the documents related to the Revolution (see Different Scopes). To that we would add some material about Loyalists. In one of these posts (see Two Houses), we match up the two sides, one of which was a Founder of the Society of Cincinnati.   

Okay, let's go to the other theme after listing a few posts that we have had related to Cape Ann. 

Now, the new theme? 1st Governor. Of what? Well, the role would apply to New England, of the north, principally that which got Massachusetts going. And, it dealt with families here. In fact, with regard to  Cape Ann, Gardner was thrown into the mix in a discussion amongst members of the extended collection of Winthrops, Bradfords, Endicotts, and others, such as Cabot, Conant, and Crowninshield. There is no order implied in this listing. 

With respect to research, this would involve George's offspring (early son) though the writer of their book was an offspring of Samuel. To date, we have covered a lot of material in the past decade with a stack of research still to do. 

Including, and relates to the new theme, the Dorchester CompanyFrances Rose-Troup left the results of her research. There has been some since that time. The issue of Thomas and Margaret has been settled. And, we have 400 years of data to look at. So too, supporting SAR/DAR's 250th, we have the 5th generations's revolution to look at, say, Cape Ann to Patriot. Then, we have the 200th which is of the frontier and the huge interior that was carved to pieces; the 100th would look at the continual influx of newbies plus events such as the Spanish flu

So, the theme of today? We earlier had commented at a post of the Streets of Salem blog dealing with Gloucester (Enduring Gloucester) and what went down there, and when. Per usual, our focus was on what happened here. That is due to an adage saw earlier that said that Yanks ought to deal with the stuff over here (say, yeah, Massachusetts records) and the Brits would take care of their side. As well, for a long while, the people here self-governed. We'll get more in that, with the occasional meddling of a Governor sent over say, the bickering families of Nantucket (see John's visit to New York), taxes (see John Wise's jailing), and more (blogs for all of these).  

This year, there was mention of the 'real' first governor, as in being appointed over there. The commenter (David Cuckson had written a book on the subject). He mentioned Sir Walter Erle (WikipediaWikiTree) as having the role as appointed by Rev. John White, himself, about whom we have had several posts, since one sister married a Thomas Gardner and another married into a family that came over here. 

We appreciate now getting another view established that was not given proper attention.  

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