Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Dorchester Company, further

TL;DR -- Need to look further at the Dorchester Company and what it meant to Thomas Gardner. Part of that will be getting familiar with Rev. John and his investors. 


It is time to spend more energy and time looking at specifics related to the commercial venture that was sponsored by The Dorchester Company. This will take several directions. While Rev. John White will be one focus, we will also take a closer look at the investors. For now, here are a few posts that we have done, to date, on the subject. 

  • The Dorchester Company (2013) - and Rev. John White (2013) One task will be to update this chart with a little more information on the Company and the investors, plus a more full look at the American experiment.

  • Two Thomas Gardners (2019) - Definitely, we need to look at Thomas Gardner who was married to Margaret Fryer and who stayed here. The other Thomas Gardner is mentioned by Frances Rose-Troup (2020) as having been married to Elizabeth, sister of the Reverend. 
  • John Tylly (2011) - As we mentioned long ago, we need to know more about John. Did he relate to any of the investors (The Original 119 Members)? 
  • Sir Christopher Gardiner (mentioned in several posts) - He is the cousin of one of the investors. We want to look at him further with respect to the different tales that one might run across. 
  • ... 

This is to fill in the whole picture as we look at New Spain and New France as well as New England. Of course, that brings in the whole scope of the continental U.S. early on, though we will still have a special interest in the western expansion after the Revolution. Again, USDAR will be a basis looking back 250 years, that is, both their database and their existence for the past century and a quarter plus. There is a lot to research with respect to the earlier 150 years, especially since Cape Ann has more of a significance than has been assumed, to date.  

Remarks: Modified: 01/14/2022

02/27/2021 --  Looked at the rivers of Yellowstone and New Spain. Added the TL;DR line.

08/09/2021 --  Gloucester's clock has 509 days to 2023.  

01/14/2022 --  Weymouth, MA's time has arrived. 

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