Friday, February 5, 2021

American cousins

TL;DR -- We have Brit cousins. However, we have many American cousins, too. Some of these are closer than others. Keeps the research going. 


Until of late, we have ignored the British cousins but will have this theme more to the fore in our research. One reason for this is that when we got started, there was an adage: Americans worry about stuff over here; let the Brits take care of things on their side. Meaning, we had enough worries trying to iron out genealogical/historical issues here without venturing further. On the other hand, no one really followed that adage (we did as we had enough to do). So, we're opening the door. 

We have looked, somewhat, at American cousins, mostly from the view of descendants of Thomas and Margaret. In particular, we intended the scope to bring in collateral families (and have somewhat). 

As we read and find potential New Englanders, we mostly look to see if their heritage is described somewhere. Today, we're adding William H. Macy, about whom we read in the WSJ. He will be on the list of descendants, via son Richard (several times). This link is to his father's profile on WikiTree (William Hall Macy, Sr.). We'll look into WHM further as we have time. We have not added him yet, but we are looking at the pedigree of William C. Coleman who has lots of evidence pointing to early New England.  

As well as those of the Thomas Gardner family, we have been asked to research members of other Gardner families some of whom were mentioned by Dr Frank in  his books. Some of these have already been mentioned in posts. After looking at a few, we will mention two other persons with a Gardner in their tree. 

  • Henry D. Gardiner -- he and his brother owned several ships one of whom wrecked off the Oregon coast. This is an open area of research (Historic puzzles, The Gardiner that was) since the interpretations of what happened seem to differ. 
  • Gardiners Island -- Lion was here early but spent more time at the lower part of Cape Cod. We want to learn more of the provenance of a painting that bears strong resemblance to family members. 
  • Gardner River -- southern family who was out west during those early times of the country. 
  • Privileged or not -- family of Silvester who is a descendant of George Gardiner of Rhode Island as was Henry D. Gardiner. 
  • Malcolm H. Gardner -- he was head of a Holstein association dealing with diary farming. 
There are several studies going on, but taking two actors can show an example. Sometimes, we look at Famous kin; but, we are leery since we have seen some discrepancies. 
  • Kyra Sedgwick -- her grandfather (Robert Minturn Sedgwick) was a descendant of Thomas and Margaret Gardner, via son George who was the father of Samuel and the grandfather of Hannah through his mother. George was of the Gardner Memorial book. Kyra is also a descendant of Lion Gardner
  • Kevin Bacon -- spouse of Kyra; he is descendant of a Thomas Gardiner who married Susan Elton in Philadelphia in 1748. This Thomas was not on our list that was an extension of the one started by Dr Frank in his 1907 book. The list was updated in 1933 in Gardner's Memorial.  
Kyra has been added to the list of descendants via George. We will continue to research others as we have time. 

Remarks: Modified: 02/27/2021

02/27/2021 -- Added the TD;LR line. 

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