Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Bowl

TL;DR -- Mahomes of KC has early American cousins. 


Today's game. This is an example of a whole new industry that has exploded way beyond expectations. If we didn't have the virus as a factor, Super Bowl LV would have been even more spectacular than the one last year. Will there ever be partying like we were seeing before? We have the playoff games and then two weeks to build the hype. Then, the game starts. The half-time entertainment works or does not; some might say that it has been the latter, for the most part. Then, the game gets over with it's usual split into two parties. Someone has to win. 

The last post was a continuation of the American Cousin series which will be even more open-ended due to all sorts of factors. Along with looking at descendants of Thomas and Margaret, we want to look more closely at collateral families. Those are usually blood, however we will consider the in-laws, too. That is due to our interest in American History. 

This post is motivated by NEHGS. In their blog, they discussed the ancestry of the Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback, Patrick Mahomes (Super Bowl surprise). This chart has a line that starts from Thomas Gleason (d 1686, Cambridge, MA) and Susannah Page and a line from Michael Bacon (d 1648, Dedham, MA) and Alice. 


The surprise might be that Patrick is related to three Presidents: Colidge through Michael Bacon; Hayes and Bush through Thomas Gleason. In looking at these, we see lots of cousins. So, we will pursue that. Meanwhile, we will collect examples of these types of relationships within various industries as we started with the Wikipedia page (fortunately, there is a history: 

Remarks: Modified: 02/09/2021

02/09/2021 -- Mahomes seemed befuddled. Lingering effects from a concussion? KC lost.    

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