Monday, January 10, 2022

Weymouth, MA

 TL;DR -- The Plymouth and Mayflower time went. There was a year off. Now, we have Weymouth (1622) where we can look at the times, the events and the people. Celebratory affairs will be muted, for a while. Gloucester is next. This year, though, we can consider what the Weymouth experience meant as well as get the facts together. 


Weymouth Town Hall
We first noted the upcoming 400ths on our webpage: Recent 400th Anniversaries. Then, we have mentioned them occasionally over the years from 2013 when we had a list of things to do. Many of these tasks were done. Two years ago, the advent of a pandemic dampened much of the planning. Plymouth's lookback was in 2020 and had an interesting set of events scheduled including a trip before the fact where descendants visited sites of interest to the Pilgrims and their lives. Weymouth (1622) was next, in 2022. Then, Gloucester has the 2023 date

In a review last April, we included a graphic that showed the towns of Massachusetts and their date of origins in which we see a long list of celebrations pending. Right now, there are restrictions in place which inhibit some activity. We can still take a research mode and learn about these towns as their day arrives. 

Along that line, we have some pointers to material that is of interest. 

The first attempt at Weymouth did not take. It was not long after Winthrop's arrival before there were immigrants from England in the area, again. 

There will be plenty of things to look at. The house, still standing, where Abigail Adams was born was built by Samuel Torrey (WikiTree: Torrey-93; FindAGrave). As one reviews early occupants, one sees family connections like there are in Essex and other counties of Massachusetts. 

Also, we can look at cousin links, such as John Quincy Adams' connection to Grizzly Adams

Remarks: Modified: 01/14/2022

01/14/2022 -- Add link to Wessagusset Colony. Also, this way, bring in Grizzly Adams (about whom was a TV series) who was cousin of John Adams, the spouse of Abigail Adams. 

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