Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Current challenge

TL;DR -- We have mentioned technology. The modern world is full of hyped situations, it seems, on a close observation. Somewhat exacerbated by the uncertainties of the times (COVID)? Even prior to the last two years, attention was attracted to claims that were motivated by computer prowess. Companies made choices along that line. There are opinions all around about how technology will influence the future. That will not abate and will be an important of daily decisions and discovery as we go forward. In a sense, it's obligatory to be informed. What does that mean? And, how might 400 years of experience contribute to the necessary reviews and alternative determinations? 


Autodidacts? Anyone? Or, from another angle, the American experiment? Is its moment now? 

As the story goes, during a period of the plague, Newton spent his time of isolation to play with light beams and to think of falling apples. And, views changed. 

For the past two years, we have been diving into the basis of AI having heard the clamor that seemed non-ceasing. At the same time, we have been assaying the general basis of computing which is the main mode that enables AI's current dancing. But, people are important, too. 

The other day, we watched a video given last spring via Zoom for a conference held by the Stanford Law School on "Future Law." Alan Kay was the speaker. We did a post (Grand Challenge). Alan was at the famous Xerox PARC Lab and invented the Smalltalk language. Too, he has been a professor at California Universities and involved with AI (artificial intelligence). 

We have already pointed to the importance of technology and knowledge going forward. Can a private, small-dimensioned organization contribute to studies and analysis in a manner that brings benefit? That is a discussion that we will be having. In a manner, the plans for the TGS portal run along the lines mentioned by Alan with respect to a research platform. 

Again, with respect to AI needing to respect people, Alan mentioned that the current hype which relates to a particular form of is like the tail doing the wagging. Alan lists a few researchers who are (have been) working in other than the current mode. We could name a lot more. 

Be that as it may, the HBR has been contributing to the discussion for several years now. In 2019, they published a comment by a researcher who suggested that we quit calling every bit of progress AI. Their special issue for Winter 2021 is on the subject of How AI is Changing Work. The topics covered are: Competing with AI; Adopting AI; The future of jobs; Working with machines; Keeping AI from going wrong. For each of these, there is an executive summary. 

Earlier, we had a post titled "How Dumb is AI?" which was courtesy of the IEEE (formerly, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). IEEE has it fingers in every piece of technology. Earlier, electricity was the focus; now, computation is huge. Recently, we looked at the IEEE.org website and saw no reference to  AI. Today, there was one that pointed to a webinar scheduled for later in January. 

At the same time, another group involved with computing is the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) which as been around about as long as has the computer. Their site has a few more hits on AI but not as many as there were a few months ago. However, their focus is largely research and not commercial exploitation. The ACM has sponsored a special interest group on AI for decades (SIGAI). 

The point of the post deals with technology as a whole of which computing will be a large part which inevitably leads to issues of intelligence, thereby giving life to artificial intelligence. Our next post (Challenges of technology) deals with the growing presence on the web of content which has been increasing since HTTP came on the scene. We looked at this due to the subject relating to our interest in the great interior of the U.S. which was populated over a long century of frontier experience. 

Remarks: Modified: 01/17/2022

01/04/2022 -- Stanford has a group that talks Singularity. We will look at that more closely. Not to be snarky, but to increase the philosophical view. Academia cannot do this. 

01/17/2022 -- Added newer image. 

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