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Boston Brahmins

 TL;DR -- So, Brahmins of Boston and Harvard intertwine, many ways. We have used the concept a couple of times. Looking at A(bbot) Lawrence Lowell brings the notion to the fore. But, we use another example of an organization that is about as old. 


This is long overdue. Of course, Boston Brahmins is a known topic in the Northeast of the U.S. Not sure of elsewhere in the U.S. Prior to the work of TGS, Inc (org), the subject may have been addressed a time or two. But, looking at the history of Harvard (our view, across a multitude of families) brings it to the forefront. The Heads are the current focus with the latest one being A(bbot) Lawrence Lowell, in particular his change from the 'Gold Coast' coast mode that had been started during Eliot's (who was a Brahmin, too) term. 

So far, there have been only three posts mentioning the subject. One of these was the post on Lowell (prior to this one). Let's look at the other two. 
  • Magazines (5 May 2017) -- The Atlantic was exulting about their beginnings, at the time. And, as it says, a group in New England met and got the magazine started. These were Brahmins, for the most part. Later, the magazine left to go to D.C. which verges on the south. Our put is that they ought to have stayed in New England. Time will tell. We mentioned a few other magazines of the time, one of which was the Southern Literary Messenger (see Magazine: American museum). 
  • Paper trails (17 Jun 2021) -- Punned title, somewhat. The graphic shows U.S. Post Offices in operation at several decades over time. One can see the western expansion (the links discussed our usage) and more. Railroads are visible. Per usual, as we look at the west, New England is always an influence, whether Boston and its huge footprint or little Essex County, mother county of Salem, MA. 

Not to pick on the Brahmins, but they and Harvard represent the upper realms of New England. We look, as well, as the heart and backbone. One might look at how many Brahmins had representative property in the south. Many from the north went south and the west. 

BTW, we explain why we use western expansion rather than the hubristic westward expansion. 

Age of organization? Let's use the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massaschusetts. It is modeled on that of the Mother Country started by Henry VIII. And, it formed in MA in 1638. Our post ("Old" in New England) provides an overview. 

With respect to reality, we like to use this post: John Gardner and the Merrimack River

Currency of the notion? We do have one of Brahmin descent in the White House, now. 

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